About Me

Since the age of 14 years old, I have honed my guitar and vocal skills playing restaurants, bars, festivals, and private events across Orange County. 

Since graduating college with a degree in Business Marketing I have worked with a Marketing Agency managing client retention and expansion.

Currently, I get excited about building an audience with music and building businesses with digital marketing.

Check out my current projects here.

Why I created this website:

  1. Connect with interesting people.
  2. Improve my skills in writing, marketing, and creativity.
  3. Share my music with the world.

What's your YouTube channel about?​

I created a YouTube channel to talk about all music-related topics. I listen to songs and create charts once I learn them. I figured if I’m putting the effort into learning the song already I can just teach the song in a video.

Doing this will help me remember the song better and build a following on YouTube. Also, there’s a lot of wrong versions of how to play songs and I would like other people to know the right way to play songs.

You are an acoustic solo artist?

Yes and I’m proud of it. It’s taken a lot of cold phone calls and emails and building a list of restaurants to find places to play. It’s taken many hours to learn these songs and practice them. I previously was in an acoustic duo playing guitar and singing background vocals. Since April 2022, I’ve played as a solo artist first at restaurants. and more recently at private events and weddings. 

I have a lot of fun playing cover songs from popular music of the 60s to Today. Most importantly, this music project gives me another reason to make time for playing my guitar a little bit every day.

I play shows for private events including weddings and corporate. Contact me today to book me at your event.


Check out my music page.