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Get access to the Payment Tracker It’s hard to know whether the amount of time spent on each project is worth the rate you receive.

Poor Charlie’s Almanack – Charles T. Munger

The book is organized with 11 of Charlie’s various talks about life over a 20yr period. It mentions that rather than be focused on any one particular area such as making millions in business or investing, he covers a wide spectrum of interests, ranging from how one acquires worldly wisdom to how his mental models can be applied to business.

The Little Red Book of Selling – Jeffrey Gitomer

This author is an interesting guy who genuinely enjoys selling and cares a great deal about educating others. He has put a lot of work into distilling down information in the book by having lots of bullet points and simple sentences. Sometimes when distilling things down you lose some context or the full grasp of the concept being taught, and this book might have some of that.