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I realize when I’m not working, eating, or checking off the next item from my to-do list I’m filling my leftover time scrolling social media. The time I put into social media is similar to how people utilize the Acorn app. The app allows you to round up to the nearest dollar for every purchase and invest that change into the market. I invest my extra time in to mindless content consumption.

Smartphones make it harder for the mind to wonder. The average American touches his phone 2,617 times and spends 2 hours and 30min staring at the screen every day.

On top of that, the average person spends double the amount of time watching tv as they spend on their phone.

In a podcast with Cal Newport at 1:12:30, Andrew Huberman says that getting rid of social media at first is uncomfortable.

“People go to social media for fulfillment and an enrichment of social connection.”

Cal goes on to say “There’s a void created when we remove social media. The result of our addiction to social media is living in misalignment with the things we care about. There’s untapped creativity and resources within us we do not yet know about because our energy is directed elsewhere.”

Action steps

Cal provided the following steps.

To overcome the addiction we have to social media and other vices, pursue more productive alternative activities.

Yes, it’s really hard to stop at first. Don’t “white-knuckle” it.

Potential activities

  1. Learn a new hobby
  2. Exercise with a friend. Go to a library. Write a song.
  3. Schedule recurring get-togethers with friends (once weekly/monthly).
  4. Go running, for drinks, surfing, or hiking.

All humans have unmet needs. Tools like Social Media make us feel like we are fulfilling our need, but instead we are interacting with people in an artificial way.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on removing more artificial foods and materials from my life and tools like social media are no different.

I plan to make a focused effort on removing artificial tools from my life and making genuine connections with people the real way, not artificially.

The result could be recording that YouTube video I’ve been putting off, meeting up with a friend I’ve been putting off, or hitting the gym more consistently.

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