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We Need To Be Bored

I realize when I’m not working, eating, or checking off the next item from my to-do list I’m filling my leftover time scrolling social media.

Increase Surface Area for Luck

How come when we learn how famous people rise to fame every person seems to have an incredible amount of luck? What does it mean

Three Tools for Managing Mood

This post will be a little different than my previous posts because it’s more stream-of-consciousness casual writing. It’s not intended to be optimized for search

2022 New Year Progress Journal

It’s nearing the close of 2021, which has been quite an experience. Some things I did: Moved to Newport Beach Rode a wave runner under

Find an Apartment in 2022

Introduction “How did you find a place like this at that price?” my friend asked me after seeing my new apartment. In the middle of