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This video answers questions I had 3 months ago when I started playing live shows with VonHill. The article and video explain looper pedal tips and tricks for live guitar performance. Looper pedals add another layer to your live performance, especially if you are a solo instrument.

The Boss RC30 is one of my favorite loopers to use. However, I used the Line 6 Helix and prefer that one because the button has a faster response time. So when my foot presses the button it’s more predictable for when it will start recording.

The information in this article is the same as what’s in the video.

Looping Live Guitar Tips

Improve Foot Timing (Exercise)

Get used to clicking the pedal and knowing when it starts and stops recording. Do this first exercise without the guitar.

Make sure your pedal is in 4/4 time. Have a metronome on your phone at 100bpm

Click start and then stop after 4 beats

See how long the metronome stays with the pedal. (make sure pedal has the metronome setting on so you can compare the two sounds)

Note: You can probably only move the metronome 20bpm both ways because the pedal will calculate the more common beats. Example: I tried bumping it to 200 but instead it played 100. I tried lowering it to 60 but instead, it played 120.

Improve Guitar Timing (Exercise)

Without the looper: Use a metronome at 100bpm. Strum quarter notes. Complicate it slightly with the + (AND-UH)

Eventually, get to complex strumming. The video demonstrates this better than I explain here.

Record yourself for feedback.

You may find part of the problem could be your strumming consistency and part of the problem is when you are clicking the foot pedal to start and stop.

Other Looping Performance Tips

  • Record loop while playing verse if the chords are the same
  • Use 2 channel loops to add and remove layers. Start by recording 1 phrase or 4 beats of the bass track, which may be rhythmic chords or a bass line.
  • Play through the phrase once before hitting record so you know what you’re playing and settle into the tempo
  • Turn off the timing button.
  • Have longer phrases with slower tempos. There’s less room for error when you have only 1 measure that’s 120bpm.
  • Think of your foot as the final strum

Using some of these looper pedal tips could give you an instant improvement in your live guitar looping. Have consistent and focused practice and you will see gains.

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