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In September 2022 I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas for a company trade show. What started as a business event at an all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas turned ended with my buddy and I celebrating Independence Day in Mexico City.

Hard Rock Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, MX

First stop: Hard Rock Hotel in Cabo San Lucas for a conference.

The Hard Rock had some nice architecture and fascinating memorabilia. Check out the entrance and front desk area.

I appreciated the live music they had here. On any particular night there was usually a live performance happening somewhere around the hotel.

Okay, so check this out. One on particular night the conference had a beach luau with a buffet of American cuisine and a singer/guitarist duo performing live music as the sunset over the water. My friend and I asked this duo if we could borrow their instruments so I could perform a song.

Overall, the Hard Rock Hotel was great. There were some interesting things that happened though. For example, I was doing a virtual audition for American Idol from our hotel room. While this was happening, there was a fire alarm going off in the hallway and the electricity in the building shut off. I had to go on my phone mobile wifi to do the audition.

My friend went out to investigate and discovered the building had some unexpected electrical outage. Maybe the grid was overwhelmed. Someone said they didn’t pay the electrical bill.

Staying in this hotel was not an authentic experience of Cabo San Lucas. The inside of the hotel basically emulated a typical resort in America (minus the floor of our hotel room smelling like mildew).

Mexico City Travel

Our next stop was Mexico City. THIS was an opportunity to explore more of the culture in Mexico. It just so happened that this trip fell around Mexican Independence Day, the most busiest time of year. The best place to be in Mexico was in the center of the city!

My friend and I got a hotel room on a major street located near the capital. Through out our stay, each day the security presence in the area escalated.

The celebration took place in their town square, Zócalo. Crowds started forming in the morning around 9am for the celebration happening that night.

Already, building roofs were lined with guards wielding binoculars and snipers. The city was preparing for El Presidente to speak to the crowd and present their traditional speech said every year during Mexican Independence Day.

We spent 4 days in Mexico City attending authentic Mexican restaurants, meeting interesting couples, and exploring local historical landmarks.

At one particular restaurant we attended, they had a mariachi band walking around tables and taking requests.

The restaurant we attended the first night we arrived was unlike any restaurant I had attended before. It was an absolute experience. I feel like my stomach was in a battle with the head cook.

We chose a meal that was the Chef’s choice. This meal included 10 courses, each paired with a different wine. By about the 8th glass of wine we were laughing historically, completely stuffed and dreading the second two courses. The food was absolutely delicious and that memory will be forever cherished in my head as my initial impression of Mexico City.

Celebrating Independence Day in Mexico

The Mexican Independence Day celebration was spectacular. Never had I celebrated Mexican Independence Day, but doing it with hundreds of thousands of other Mexicans in the capital of the country was amazing.

The celebration started with traditional Mexican bands performing on a large stage in front of the cathederal. The celebration ended with fireworks lighting up the night sky in Zócalo, the common name of the main square in central Mexico City.

Experiencing Mexican Independence Day in Mexico was truly a memorable experience. I only wish I had blogged about this experience sooner. This article hit on the absolute bare minimum because I wanted to tell this quick story to solidify these memories and finally free up my computer of all the space this media is taking up.

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