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At the start of every month, I conduct a monthly audit. The monthly audit is an opportunity for me to check whether I should continue working on my existing projects or add/remove something.

Since each day is spent caught in the details of projects, I forget to take a step back and reevaluate the time spent on each project. This audit helps make sure that I’m working towards my goals each month.

I figured I’d share it here.

  1. What new skill are you learning this month? Note: Learn how to sell and build. Learn knowledge that is either highly technical or creative.
    • Currently: Singing and Digital Marketing
  2. What projects am I working on and why?
    • Career, blog, YouTube Channel, Musician, Fitness
  3. Who am I spending time with and why?
    • Currently: List of my some of my friends and coworkers
  4. How well am I treating my body and why?
    • Currently: 6/10. No gym this week. Improved diet. No meditation. Better sleep. No electronics in bed lately.

I use these above 4 questions to audit my projects in the previous month and determine what projects to focus on for the upcoming month.

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