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I am just starting this new blog and want to figure out how to write about new article topics that will not only benefit the audience I speak to but also bring more traffic to the blog. The more trending topics I write about the more people who will land on this website. If they like the content I have here, then even better.

Overview – Search for New Article Topics

  • Trending Topics
  • Smart Tools
  • Listen to Your Audience

Know Your Goal for Writing the Article

As a reminder, you want to have a goal for why you are even writing in the first place. Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you want to share important information?
  2. Do you want to build your brand awareness?
  3. Do you want to sell your product/service?
  4. Do you just want to tell an artistic story?

If you don’t know the true motivation for why you are writing (be honest with yourself), then I can pretty much guarantee your article won’t be as clear as it could.

If your goal is to bring more traffic to your website, then the topics you write about would be much different than topics you would write to tell a story about that hot date you recently were on.

I believe the process of choosing a new article topic to write about often falls somewhere between the two extremes of wanting to bring as many people to your blog as possible and wanting to share something with your audience that they can truly benefit from. Whether you decide to sell something to that audience or not is up to you.

You can either decide to piggyback on topics that are trending the most right now OR write more content very specific to your niche and brand. Depending on your goal, you will likely choose one method more than the other. Ultimately, choose a mixture of both.

Why I am Writing THIS Article – An Example

For example, this is my first article on this blog (felt cute, might delete later 🙂 ). This carries a much heavier mixture of the method of writing content very specific to my niche because I know not many people are searching for this topic.

My whole blog is about sharing my discoveries and findings with my audience so that they have the answers that I do without the hours of tedious work. Since I want to start determining what topics would be best to write about as I drive traffic to this blog and build my brand, I figured it would benefit my audience to understand my thought process.

Searching for New Article Topics

Trending Topics

You can find trending topics that people are talking about on social media. Another great source for trending topics is the news. Keep in mind the quality of people you want to bring to your site. For example, if you are a niche site that reviews trending music, you wouldn’t start talking about the latest political conflict in the news, unless it relates to music.

Twitter trending topics

Smart Tools

You can use a paid tool like Buzzsumo by typing in keywords and getting topic suggestions. I wouldn’t bother with this tool though, because I don’t find it necessary to spend money here.

I would categorize keyword research tools as “smart tools”. There are several keyword tools, but my favorite are SEMrush and Keyword Planner. You would input a broad term keyword you want to write about, then you would be presented with the most popular search queries for that term.

Again, depending on whether you want something more relevant to your audience or something that will bring in more traffic, you can choose what to write about.

There are tools called Blog Topic Generators (here’s one – HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator) you can find that give you ideas based on the topics you want to write about.

Lastly, I like using Google Trends to see the top queries people are searching for. You can also type in the keywords you are thinking about using to see if they are being searched more or less at the moment.

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Listen to Your Audience

The people who consume your content most frequently could either directly or indirectly give you ideas for content. Maybe they will share their thoughts on a post or ask you a question on social media that gives you an idea for a new article.

Attend seminars within your niche. Meet people with similar interests and understand more about what content would interest them. Truly listen to those within the space. Type into Google some keywords and see what Google auto-suggests and what articles come up for different queries you select.

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Some quick notes about things to avoid:

  • Clickbait titles. It’s 2020, get your shit together and stop fooling people. Provide value.
  • Writing just to fill space. The internet doesn’t need more random junk that doesn’t add any value. Writing to share your gift or perspective with the world is a different story.
  • Keyword stuffing. Don’t include the same keywords too much. In fact, start to educate yourself about SEO writing if you haven’t already.
  • Anything regarding Kim Kardashian.
  • Hiring freelancers not specialized within that niche to write for you.


Figuring out topics to write about shouldn’t be hard when you are truly passionate about the niche. This article is about finding new topics, but mainly about how to figure out what to write, that would bring the most value to your blog and your viewers. If you are active in the community and love speaking on these topics, writing new article topics should be an adventure.

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