In my most previous role I was an an Account Manager for an B2b Marketing Technology Company that generates leads and awareness.

My responsibilities included managing high-revenue accounts, onboarding new accounts, implementing marketing campaigns and identifying upsell opportunities. I ensure client satisfaction from conception to completion using KPI reporting, analysis, and project execution.

fancy profile pic I took in my living room and edited with photo shop...


10,000 Followers in 3 months

I did an internship with the House of Blues where me and 3 other interns recorded live performances, organized giveaways, and created activities that increase engagement from 15,000 – 25,000 followers in 3mo.

11,000 views in 2 days.

I have experience editing audio and video. I just started a new account that received 11,000 views for one of the first videos on it.

My own account shows creative strategy

My own personal account includes extensive audio/video editing that has created engaging content. My last video used a trending song combined with a travel video to get 370 views.

I know how to use the best tools.

Within my tool kit I have utilized the following tools: Final Cut, Adobe Photoshop, Logic Pro X, Asana, Grammarly, Trello, Giphy. I have also created one piece of content that’s generated 1k+ views for some of the major social media platforms: YouTube 11k, Instagram 11k, and LinkedIn 5k.



Whether I was building cruise ships with Legos or writing the guitar and vocals to a song, I had a fascination to create new things. Those Lego cruise ships had 3 floors and a parking structure for passengers with Hot Wheels cars to park.


When my car’s window regulator broke PepBoys wanted $325 to fix it (No way!). That was the first time I had to take the inside of my car door completely apart. Somehow I put all the screws and components back together (Thanks YouTube).

Identify Opportunities

What would happen if we tried this?? I asked my friend this question when collaborating with him on outreach methods for booking my acoustic duo at local restaurants. Fortunately, we’ve now got 6 shows in the next 5 weeks booked for the summer!

Interpersonal skills

Building relationships with people has always been important to me. I used to be pretty awkward when I was younger (now I’m completely normal. uh…). Each week I like to make it a habit to have a conversation with one new person.