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It’s nearing the close of 2021, which has been quite an experience. Some things I did:

  1. Moved to Newport Beach
  2. Rode a wave runner under Coronado bridge with my cousin Bianca
  3. Saw Nelly perform
  4. Took up target practice at the local shooting range
  5. Got 2 bonuses at work
  6. Drove my dream car (Ferrari 480 Spider). Got a ticket in my dream car.
  7. Performed to thousands of people at restaurants accross OC
  8. Purchase a new guitar for the first time in 7yrs
  9. Teased during the performance of one of my favorite comedians with a new friend I made.
  10. Broke my old car. Purchased a new car. Got in an accident with the new car. (their fault)
  11. Visited Vegas one too many times.

“Wait… that happened last year?” kept running through my head as I look back at last year’s journal on all the amazing memories I created.

For the last two years, I have tracked my progress in key areas of my life that I want to improve: business, health, and relationships. Below is the Progress Journal template I use.


Weekly Progress Journal

ABOUT: The purpose of this journal is to help me achieve my life goals.

HOW: I will be as honest as possible with myself about my current behaviors and day-to-day activities. I will hit on key points about current results and actions and then talk about desired results and actions. Be clear and concise in your points. (This will make it much easier to go back and evaluate your improvements.)

WHAT: This journey improves self-awareness by allowing you to judge yourself more objectively. You will also find more hope and motivation by seeing my progress.

WHY: We tend to get overwhelmed with day-to-day activities and often aren’t doing the right work that will get us closer to our goals. Therefore we don’t reach our highest potential because we’ve lost sight of our goals or how to achieve them. Writing down your actions and thought processes will help you objectively evaluate your life and make changes accordingly.

WHEN: Each journal will be written on Sunday recapping the week that has just passed. Ex: “On Sunday, Jan. 1 you will write “Week of January 1”.


Week of January 1

Guidelines for entries:

  1. What are you grateful for?
    1. Small Thing: The smell of fresh cut grass on my walk to the car.
    2. Big Thing: My supportive family.
  2. What did you learn?
    1. Throughout the week take notes on lessons you learn. Write them here. Try to constantly learn from your mistakes. Write them here so you can hold yourself accountable to continuous improvement.
  3. What did you accomplish to get you closer to your goals last week?
    1. Look at last week’s goals. Consider other actions/achievements from the week.
  4. Remind yourself and write about the visions for your life.
    1. I have 4 main points for this one.
    2. Determine what is relevant for you.
    3. If you aren’t sure, write whatever comes to mind.
    4. Refine your points each week.
  5. What habits and systems will you implement for next week?
    1. This could be “wake up at 6am daily”. “Don’t touch phone for first hour of the day.”
  6. Post a picture and summarize why it is important to you this week.
    1. Get visual by adding a picture. Tell a story and capture a feeling.
    2. Write about whatever is on your mind. There are no wrong answers here.
    3. Maybe you feel upset about an opportunitiy missed. Maybe you feel excited about an experience.
  7. Review your “1 Month Goals” note in Notion. Update your whiteboard with the action plan for the week. If at the end of the month, create a new goals sheet for the next month.
  8. Update your calendar with events and tasks for the week.
  9. Prepare for the week by organizing digital, mental, and physical space

Since I do a journal entry once weekly, I will have 4 entries per month with the “Week of [Month] [Day]” heading. Then, on the final week of the month I will take 5-10min to do an end of month review by answering the following questions:

Monthly Review

  1. What went right?
  2. What went wrong?
  3. What did I learn?
  4. What can I do differently next time?

Quick Note: So at the end of the year I will also do a Year reflection. See below.

2021 Year Reflection

Directions: Skim through your journal entries for the last year. Come up with a positive and negative point about what you have noticed. Reference your Year Reflection from the previous year and compare your expected to actual progress. Where do you expect to see yourself a year from now?

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