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I have basically set up a perfect system where I receive completely unbiased news and I know only the facts about what is happening in the world.

Well, not exactly. Getting unbiased information from people is like getting the same amount of licks every time you eat a Tootsie Pop. If you know you know. You could have two people witness the same event from the same angle at the same time and provide different perspectives and details about what happened.

tootsie pop


Large news networks want your attention, whether it be on television or online. They are incentivized to dramatize the news. I prefer my news like my diet – just give me the most nutrient-dense foods that serve a purpose in contributing to my body’s overall health. The chocolate cake, while intriguing only delivers short-term gratification at best.

Channels with video, such as television and YouTube could deliver some useful information, but their intentions are distorted.

The newspaper is outdated by the time it was printed the night before and it sure does use a lot of paper. It also doesn’t link to news articles or videos of current events you may want more information on.

Email Newsletters have proven to be the best channel for me to receive raw news and information updates with little-to-no processed sugars.

Types of Email Newsletters for Unbiased News

Below is a list of sources for newsletters I subscribe to that help me receive a balanced understanding of current events and happenings in the world.

General News Nationwide

Morning Brew: An informational and entertaining daily digest of the news. I get an idea of major headlines with this first. When looking at other sources I will notice overlap, but having other sources ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

AllSides: They present balanced news by providing reports from sources of the left, center, and right. Learn more about how they provide balanced and different perspectives using media bias ratings.

Tangle: Daily politics news updates from a reputible team of journalists.

Snippet at the top of every newsletter:

I’m Isaac Saul, and this is Tangle: an independent, ad-free, subscriber-supported politics newsletter that summarizes the best arguments from across the political spectrum on the news of the day — then “my take.”

Google News: I setup personalized criteria from my favorite sources on my favorite topics. I use Blogtrottr for setting up automated RSS feeds receiving these updates to my inbox.

Google News screenshot in inbox

Blogtrottr: This is not a newsletter, but a tool to setup a newsfeed automation to your inbox. I use this tool specifically to receive daily updates to my Google News feed by creating RSS feeds and then using the URL from the RSS feed to input into Blogtrottr.

Blogtrottr screenshot of Google news thread

The New York Times: I believe I subscribe to a daily “For You” feed with topics relevant to my interests, such as technology, business, politics, or national news.

Ground: A plugin that provides a bias rating of the news source for the article you are currently viewing in your browser. The Ground plugin displays a few different types of ratings that allow you to quickly gauge how accurate the source’s reporting may be on the article you are reading.

Rolling Stones screenshot with the Ground plugin
Notice the plugin’s bar at the top indicating that Rolling Stone is a left-leaning publication.


The following are newsletters for industries and areas of interest I find particularly interesting such as tech, renewable energy, and startups.

Techcrunch: Options for various newsletters about daily tech news, startups, crypto, etc. I subscribe to startup news from specific locations like Las Vegas, NV and Austin, TX.

Crunchbase: Recent funding rounds, acquisitions, and more with the Crunchbase Daily.

Emerging Tech Brew: Drones, automation, AI, and more. The technologies that will shape the future of business, all in one newsletter.

Techmeme: News and commentary on tech, acquisitions, and new products, curated with articles across the web provided daily.

AngelList: Job opportunities for individuals interested in startups.

Chris Hutchins AllTheHacks: Spending Hacks, airline and credit card tips, general investing

Mint (Crypto): Crypto and Web3 curated information.

Startup Grind: News, resources, discounts, and more for startups globally.

Noah Kagan: solo-entrepreneurship, aspiring founders, and content creators

Techstars Startup Digest: Incubators, accelerators, and upcoming startup events

YCombinator: Co-Founder matching and startup employment opportunities

ProductHunt: A daily digest of the best of Product Hunt. I can see the latest trends and digital products being created oftentimes by solo entrepreneurs. Breaking space news and the latest updates on rocket launches, skywatching events and more.

Future by a16z: News about technology and startup trends from an industry-leading venture firm.

Personal Interests

Alias: This is a super cool idea, although I haven’t received an email from Alias in months. You can subscribe to receive alerts when specific public figures have content released. For example: anytime Elon Musk has an interview (whether it be a podcast, YouTube video, press conference, etc. I am notified with a link to that content.)

Nat Eliason | Infinite Play: Topics around living well, seeking wisdom, and building wealth.


Your news will no longer be as entertaining and stress-inducing as it was on television. This means, you won’t be glued to your screen wondering when the world will end. Instead, you will be informed of topics that are relevant to you and will have more time to go about your day.

You won’t receive breaking news. I recently had a discussion with a friend about how his news sources may not be providing him unbiased factual information. He asked if my sources informed me of an event that had happened a few hours ago. No, they hadn’t because typically I receive emails in the morning and review all the news that happened the day prior.

Screenshot of AllSides balanced news

Consider that receiving news as it breaks versus the following morning isn’t a big deal since you aren’t going to take specific action on that news. If there was a life-altering event occurring, (a rare scenario such as an asteroid hitting the earth or a nuclear missile) you will be notified somehow. Likely, the public alert system will blast an alert to your phone. Breaking news doesn’t immediately require action and can wait if it means getting back several hours of my time a week to work more on projects I love.


A clearer mind and less anxiety. This solution is the equivalent of getting fruits and vegetables in your diet. This information is provided raw without much processing and fluff to increase the entertainment value. For these reasons, it’s good for your mental diet in the long term.

More time is free to focus on projects of yours that get you closer to your goals.

You realize the world won’t be ending tomorrow and that traveling outside of your home country or even your own house is probably safer than you were led to believe.


I have had these subscriptions for around 6 months. Every day in the morning after reading my book, working out, and eating breakfast, I will find time to go through my various newsletters. Never do I read through every email. I am often opening an email, taking a few seconds to glance at headlines for anything of interest, clicking on a headline or two to read the article in more detail, and then archiving the email before moving on to the next one. Sometimes I will archive emails without opening them, depending on how much time I have.

There’s other news happening in the world I’ll miss, but it’s inconsequential. I’d likely forget about it and have no actions I would change based on receiving that information. If the news didn’t make my newsletters, then it’s probably not worth knowing.

This approach has made me feel more clear-headed. I am not as reactionary to the news, while still feeling well-informed. Most importantly, I have precious time back that can be used for other projects.

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